Saturday, 23 April 2011



breakfast at a friend's, a while ago. always good to have a pirate's sabre around the house, no?

quick question: do any of you have good links for tutorials on tie-dye (preferably simple shibori, but doesn't have to be)? any suggestions very welcome!

p.s.: meeting pascale was just perfect. lots of talking, walking around, berliner weisse at prater beergarden, and some more talking. and you know what - i even got a little sun-burnt!


la casita said...

good morning Kristina : )
Have a look here:
or here for more info: http://shiboriorg.wordpress.com/
I was a tye dye freak ages ago (in my teens). I used to tye dye almost every garment I owned!
Gosh, I almost forgot about it. It seems like in another life, I guess it's because I'm quite intense and volatile at the same time : )))
Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Marion said...

Morniiiiiiiiiiing !
A berliner weisse at the prater ? Oh, I'm jealous... ;-)
Glad to know it went well, I knew it !
Have a great easter week end K.
Mille bises

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

how awesome that u met pascale. i just know her from her blog but she seems so nice :)
happy easter!

P R I M O E Z A said...

what a gorgeous looking place to have breakfast. i'm a sucker for old wooden furniture and the light looks beautiful. can't help with the tie dye, but sounds like you're going to be up to something fun :)

Pascale said...

Back in marseille :-(
In front of my computer !-)) so I can read your posts !!!
IT WAS great to meeting you. Really !
Now we are waiting for you in Marseille...
Kiss kiss !!!

jane said...

love these morning shots... have a great week k!

jana said...

curious about your tie-dye project.
schönen ostermontag kristina!

outi said...

Good morning!
it´s a sunny day here too. i should do some work at home but nope. i think i first need to go out and run a bit in the sun.
have a good day!

la ninja said...

morning, sunshine! :)

MANDY said...

Kristina, I adore these photographs ... enjoy your sunshine XXX

alexandra grecco said...

lovely photos ; )


foto-sh said...

looks so cosy . and I love the cups ..