Sunday, 17 April 2011


berlin botanic garden
berlin botanic garden
berlin botanic garden
berlin botanic garden
berlin botanic garden
berlin botanic garden

i had a rare visitor: my mother was here for a few days. we did so many things, one of them was a visit to the berlin botanic gardens. we spent most of the time inside the glasshouses, even though the weather was glorious, but made up for it by having coffee outside on a bench in the sun. the garden itself is so big, we only ventured a little bit into it. next time, i'll go when it's overcast to take pictures of the asian pacific parts of the park. you should have seen the trees: they looked like ancient ink drawings.

what are your sunday plans? i'll have to work, but will also meet a. for coffee and maybe go to the fleamarket, let's see how it goes.

p.s.: what are your favourite fashion sites? i'm a bit bored with the sartorialist.


Elisabelle said...

oh.. i love these photos. I am so looking forward to visiting berlin!

this is my favorite fashion site: http://jeanasohn.blogspot.com/

we were supposed to have picnic with friends, but they are sick. i think we are going to cuddle home, cook and maybe watch a movie!

Marion said...

K !

and this one is about make up

ENjoy those links, I am late for mum's birthday lunch !

outi said...

looks really nice and green! no green here yet. but sun is shining and it feels like spring:)
we have an election day today in finland, so i´m going voting. it´s going to be very exciting day, i hope the best.. and at least i´m going to vote for more green!

kristina said...

these photos are beautiful! there's a special feel to greenhouses, isn't there?
today I'm going to help my mother with her computer, and maybe take my camera for a walk :-) hope your sunday is more play than work!

MANDY said...

How lovely for you ... hope you got to go the fleamarket too.

I like http://streetpeeper.com/

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Lovely green. Fashion? I often like Joanna's pins http://pinterest.com/joanna_rusher/my-style-pinboard/

Sammi said...

beautiful pictures kristina. one day i am going to come back to berlin and visit more of the amazing city.

i had to work today, also. very busy lunch shift!

i follow my favourite stores on facebook, and they post their new lookbooks and the such like on facebook, also some have other blogs they link to. i am not a fan of the satorialist, he thinks everyone over a size 0 is fat. bleurgh.

Fen and Ned said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and got to the market.
I wish I could find a new fashion blog too, one that would show fashion but clothes that most of us would walk down the street in!;)
Thanks for the trip to the gardens, I look forward to seeing more of it in the future, the trees sound stunning xx

P R I M O E Z A said...

the small flowers in the hothouse - gorgeous.

la ninja said...

verde que te quiero verde...
verde río verde rama...

green everywhere. not sure I noticed spring this much when I was younger, but digging it big time right now!

Ulrika said...

In love with the third photo, totally.

Felicia S. said...

beautiful photos as always.
Yeah, I'm over the Sart. I like Karla's closet, Jeana Sohn and All the Pretty Birds and Closetvisit.com also by Jeana Sohn.

glenda regan said...
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