Tuesday, 19 April 2011

who am i

botanic garden berlin
botanic garden berlin
botanic garden berlin

yesterday i scared myself. had a small flare-up at a local shop, despite being quite good at taking the regular berlin rudeness in my stride. after leaving the shop with tears in my eyes i thought: what the heck is happening here? sometimes i just want to pack it all in and run away.

anyway, some lovely things hereabouts too, let's not forget:

friends having me over for seder night last night (my first one ever, it was quite wonderful)
all trees on my street turned green
enough work to feed me and the cat
light flickering through said leaves, into the living room and onto the desk

oh, and have you seen claire dollan featured on this joy and ride?


julochka said...

sometimes it's just too much. i've had a couple of those moments in the past year. i think it's a reaction to that pervasive public invisibility...that people act as if they can't see you if they don't know you. it grates. and it's ok to blow up about it once in awhile. it's what will keep us human.

your photos are beautiful. and that's something.


stephanie claire said...

thanks for your honesty.

i had a similar experience myself, last week.

j is right, it's good to be human.

beautiful thoughts and images.

stephanie claire

Pascale said...

These pics are lovely, hope you feel better.
OH... see you... very soon !-))

jana said...

das passiert mir auch manchmal.
man muss dann einfach an andere dinge denken. auch wenn's sich blöd anhört.
schönes osterwochenende (ich packe gerade meinen italienkoffer...komme auch hoffentlich mit fotos wieder)
diese fotos sind übrigens wunderschön.

Fen and Ned said...

I hate those moments, sometimes it seems like when I'm down I have 'kick me while I'm down' scribbled on my forehead and strangers seem happy to oblige!
Your evening with friends sounds just like what was needed. I hope the rest of your week is a good one xx

Jenna said...

aww, kristina, i hope you're okay. people can be downright mean sometimes. but i like that you've made a list of all the nice things; that always cheers me up too.

MANDY said...

I think we have all had those moments !!!

Adelle said...

your photos are beautiful