Sunday, 10 April 2011

sunday morning


a quiet sunday morning. looking through the takes of my last roll of film (two more waiting to be processed, can't wait!), and somehow stopping at these four above, taken at sgaminegg the other day. they seem so quiet. i'm not even sure it was. the place is always bustling with people, most of all on saturdays, when the little market is out front. i love to have places and people who are just there, quietly, to fall back on them anytime.

how is your weekend?


Pascale said...

The first day of the week end was terrific... Today might be interesting !
You pics are sweets, really.
I write you an email...

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks wonderful , I coud do with a german sunday breakfast with friends

MANDY said...

What a perfect morning ... these shots are so lovely too.
Rainy quite weekend for me, dinner with friends last night (with a very drunk host, which was pretty amusing) great food, wine ... very lazy Sunday today XXX

Li + Belle said...

Das sieht nach einem perfekten Morgen aus. Sehr schöne Fotos.

Anonymous said...

That seems so quiet and cozy!
I'm packing my things to a trip with some friends on Monday :)

jana said...

mmh sieht das gut aus.
wir haben gerade kräuter und tomaten auf der terrasse gesäht...ich hoffe es wird was draus und die sonne brennt nicht alles weg. wie sieht es eigentlich mit deinem garten aus?
schönen nachmittag und liebe grüsse!

Cabrizette said...

Feel great morning !!
Here, with lots of sun and family..
Happy sunday !

A Little Happier said...

It looks really, really, good :)

Marion said...

2 more rolls ? YES !!!!!
I went to the beach today. Yes, I know. Crazy. Was so good. Can't wait to see more here.

la ninja said...

hi there, you!

mine was sunny and bloggy.
I'm dead beat and off to bed. now. pathetic. old ninja I am :)

Sylee said...

Now that I live further from Sgaminegg I'm there less often. It's wonderful to visit through your lens.

ibb said...

Just need some quite, full of people place, to get a bit of inspiration...not very easy here..places are too known.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

These images are so calm and beautiful...sigh.