Tuesday, 7 December 2010


the pretty side of snow

now is just the blink of an eye - there, and gone in an instant. so let's try catching its coat tails before it hurries around the next corner:

you are
coffee being served with a smile at lunchtime
sudden inspiration
beauty in the midst of greyness
the unexpected feeling of being needed
reading and writing
intense time pressure and moments of rest
a cup of tea

what does your "now" look like?


charlotte said...

chicken soup, satsumas and warm baths to combat winter colds. a dark evening and a tall stack of recipe books to read. a conversation with my parents that made me smile.

what a lovely post - thank you :)

Li + Belle said...

Schnee, Kerzenlicht, Räucherstäbchen, ein gutes Buch lesen, fotografieren, Plätzchen backen und Weihnachtsfilme anschauen.

Schönes Foto, schöne Farbe

LG Kristin

Lollipop said...

cold outside, warm inside.
wet outside, dry inside
snow outside, tea inside.

ps: beautiful shot... as always

schorlemädchen said...

a bit exhausted from the heat of the day and the run in the evening, happy about seeing a dear friend on skype for some minutes, thinking, beaming my mind forth and back to hamburg and sydney. here. now. summer

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

oh goodness - i wish i could put this snowy pale perfect flower into a vase and keep it just that way.

i am wishing for snow
looking out onto the dry frost
cutting paper snowflakes to hang in the window
waiting for coffee to be ready
thinking about photographs to take
and what to bake that will make the house smell like holidays

lovely post <3

anna lalala said...


l i s e said...

now it is all quiet in the house, kids are sleeping or supposed to do so!
very nice shot!

Cabrizette said...

Alone with a coffee... and the sun !

inna karenina said...

love this post.. it just reminded me of something important, so thank you!

p.s. what a beautiful photo!

jana said...

auf einmal wieder 20grad (?!?), halsschmerzen vor lauter schreck, unbedingt ingwertee, froh über das lange wochenende hinter mir, müde, alltag auf morgen verschieben.

Ida Nielsen said...

tea, fog, snow and trees covered in white frost. Mad Men on the telly and so many many projects buzzing around in my head!

Barbara said...

aw lovely post :)

MANDY said...

I have just freshly picked hydrangeas from my garden (but I love your snow covered ones) ... tea, my daughters pear cake, my dogs oh and my new blog !!!

alexandria said...

This photo is beyond gorgeous. Right now I'm sitting in the book shop listening to Junip in concert on the radio and thinking about which book to pick up next to read.

la ninja said...

my very-right-now is checking blogs out while having coffee recovering from a swedish midwinter party last night.

having a bit of a day off and looking forward to xmas in barcelona.

Anonymous said...

Birthday cards (mine and my boyfriend's) on every surface.
A view not blocked by condensation.
Earl Grey cupcakes.
Cold toes, warm fingers.
Purple blankets.

Lovely post.

Anne said...

Great image!