Sunday, 20 June 2010

three wishes

i thought i'd share three wishes with you - who knows, this might even turn into a series.

1. go to the lake for a walk sometime soon
2. wake up in the morning totally carefree
3. a 6 x 6 medium format film camera (i know, this one is a bit immodest)

what are yours?


Elisabelle said...

your second wish is totally mine too!
beautiful images.

la ninja said...

number 2, number 2, I claim it too. also mine (and let's wait and see who else's. surely billions of us, silly preoccupied earthlings :)

I'm off to the beach this afternoon. go to that lake, soon. it's calling your name, I can hear it from here.

Marion said...

1. feel free in my mind
2. same as you
3. i'd love to have a hasselblad

love your 1st shot !

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

yeah, i'll give my support to all three. and add a forth: an evening in the garden with pimms and a fire.

ibb said...

I need number 2.
And will desire a bit more of time for number 1 (and a lake near) and number 3 (with my lomography and my new digital...and not letting old reflex behind)

christine said...

i can lend you my 6.6 camera :).....

So beautiful picture

Linn said...

What a cute blog you have. I love the feeling you get every time you look in to your blog!

outi said...

these seem to be very reasonable wishes. and i wish for you that they will happen too:)

hmm, i have to think about my wishes for a while, i´m on a holidays, so no need for other wishes, everything is so fine just now;)

alexandria said...

Beautiful wishes! Fingers crossed for you and I love the pathway and poppies. I hope to start in on a quilt this summer. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the year...I think I can do that!

claire said...

I hope your wishes come true! :)

kristina said...

number 3 for me too please :-)