Thursday, 3 June 2010


this week has been a whirlwind so far, and it doesn't look as if it's letting up. so i just needed to pick some calming images to put up here. i've taken them two weeks ago (at the end of my street actually, so this is kind of making up for yet another skipped corner view) - the lilacs are all gone now, and i can't believe i have missed that season without buying some.

what do you do when you need some calm but have a to do list longer than from here to the moon? i can't just take a day off, as much as i would like to.

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ibb said...

I think that I am in the same point. Too much things to do and no time. Need a day or two off. I am working too much, and cannot stop, but need a day. I will ask. I prefer lost a day, and come back recovered than be weeks and weeks tired and stressed.
Sometimes stopping a bit, helps to continue stronger.
Take some time, relax, go outside...and then take the list again.

Marion said...

I don't know what's going on there. Everybody seems to be under pressure.
I breathe, try to remain calm and cool ( not working much these days ), a lot of tea & chocolate ( yep ), plus I try to sleep well. Sleep, in those periods of stress, is your best friend.
Hope it will be better soon...

Jorgos said...

sometimes it seams that my whole life is a whirlwind ;-) was ich immer tue: kaffee und schlafen. was ich öfter tun sollte, den tag richtig gut zu starten. meditieren im bett. yoga und ein gutes frühstück. liebe grüsse*

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

there is something in the air. life here is beyond believe too. too much to get done. it's like everything decided to fall on us simultaneously.

i don't have much advice. i think sleep is essential, but also what is hardest for me to get in times like this. to clear my head and fall asleep at a decent hour. wishing you all the best.

...and how i miss hyacinths! that smell, that purple.

natsumi nishizumi said...

Woow, I love lilacs ! What great photos!
i have many things to do on my list but I didn't feel like it , so I went to central park and took a nap!
Have a great weekend!