Sunday, 6 June 2010


this was my breakfast a while ago. a perfect simple start to the day.

at the moment, i like listening to the xx.

p.s.: thank you for your kind comments on my last post. i'm trying to rethink many things.

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lea said...

ah, your film photos have a calming effect on me - very soothing for the eyes. just lovely

Anonymous said...

really love the graininess of these.
great blog.

Ritva said...

hi kristina!

i would love to have your breakfast, even it´s night time now. - have to take some time from late evenings, if i want to visit any blogs- too many things to do during daytime - you know, rushrushrush.
and that a beautiful summer outside!
you just spring up here- we still have the lilacs in bloom :)

Elisabelle said...

I love the grain in these.
When i posted the Sunday brunch yesterday, I felt tired and lazy and did not mention what was on the table. I just fixed this.
Yes it was a quiche: zucchini, parmesan and basil.
Wishing you a happy monday!

Fine Little Day said...

Lovely grain in these photos Kristina.

Vanessa said...

Those M&S yoghurts are a favourite of mine. That's my kind of breakfast, enjoying the peace of the morning.