Monday, 7 June 2010

temporarily grey

after an amazingly sunny weekend with k, complete with visits to the beer garden, lunch with papers in a street café, a daytrip to schlosspark babelsberg, where we watched the boats go by, and 'holly berries' with e on sunday, the sun has now gone into hiding again. if i had a fireplace at home, that's where i'd be sitting right now. since i don't, i'm revisiting some more photos from the famous weekend in the cotswolds. we had a fireplace there. so lovely. 

meanwhile, i'm snuggling up with a blanket on my sofa. and tomorrow it's going to be warm again!

something else entirely: i'm having a bit of crush on bloglovin'. looking good and working rather well, i you ask me. you can use it as a reader to manage your blog subscriptions (and it's looking much sleeker than other readers too). but you could also just stop by to discover new blogs or interesting posts. you can select country preferences, topics and language. very clever.

p.s.: not wanting to be a total nuisance, but: if you like the look of bloglovin' i'd really recommend you set up an account (very easy, much less info required from you than by other readers!) and subscribe to just one or two blogs as a test run. i did that for a week or so and that got me hooked. honestly, blog reading has just become more fun than it was anyway. (and no, i'm not being payed for this...)


Mandy said...

That fireplace shot is perfect .... I have just put a fireplace shot in my newest post .... winter here, so this has made me feel all warm ... enjoy your sunshine !!!
Will check out bloglovin ...

jane said...

the weather is crazy here too... just when i take out the summer blankets, i have to pull out the duvets again... fun! warm hugs!

The Pieces said...

Bloglovin is such a brill idea hey! Esp for someone like me who only knows how to "follow" them via Blogspot but if they dont have a Blogspot then luckily I can still follow. Hahaha, yes I am a wee bit smitten with it. So simple to use! :)

ibb said...

Crazy weather...love that fireplace.
Keep warm.

alexandria said...

The 1st photo is the epitome of spring emerging. I love it.

gracia said...

That first photo is so very beautiful and it makes me realise how very mild our winter here is.