Friday, 18 June 2010

more from the sea

an old lifeguard tower in heringsdorf. the days were mostly overcast. but the sound of the sea still is one of the most calming noises i can think of.

have a good weekend!

p.s.: two days ago i found an old table on the street. a neighbour had put it out on the pavement with a sign 'please take' attached to it. it has a lovely wooden top and will be my new kitchen table.


Marion said...

love that pic !!!!
have a lovely week end dear !

Cabrizette said...

oh, please, show me this table... i'm curious !!! Have a good time ; )

Ritva said...

i agree with you- the sound of the waves!
and a fine table like that! great!
have a joyful weekend!

christine said...

lifegards have a lovely house :)