Sunday, 28 March 2010

time flies

such a cliché, i know. i wonder though, how come we sometimes feel this so acutely, and then sometimes time really seems long? obviously, it does seem long when we're waiting. but also, when we are really intensely enjoying something. then there are weeks like the past, where it's all a bit of a blur and time flies so madly i hardly even register it, since there's so much to do.

it's all psychology, right? or is it neurology? what do you think?

hope you had a wonderful weekend. i had a bit of everything. loads of work, a day full of running hundreds of little but urgent errands i had been putting off for too long. and an afternoon with friends who have just moved to berlin and now live a 10 minute walk from me. how cool is that? oh, and have a mentioned they have an amazing view and a roof terrace?

p.s.: not long to go now - there are little buds everywhere. and it's been raining a lot.


Elisabelle said...

indeed: wonderful view!
and you had much more sun than we had.
wishing you a happy week!

sinnlighet said...

What magical images you've created.

Agneta, Sweden

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

looks beautiful. everything. and how amazing to have your friends move within a 10 min working distance. lucky you :)

oh, yes: time does fly, and sometimes too fast. that' s another reason why photography is so wonderful: it freezes those little moments we want to remember and savor.

happy week to you, kristina

Ritva said...

i watched your francoise hardy video-
time really flew, to both directions...music has that ability to let us travel in time- love that.
but nowadays i would need 48 hours/day or at least 4 hands, yes i know, too much to do!
at the same time, Miss Spring could hurry a bit- no buds here!
time is flexible? or should i be more?

ibb said...

Time is so round, flies, moves and disapears as quickly as it appears again. As ritva says, flexible?!

Anonymous said...

time is a very strange thing to me too sometimes. my mother was reading a book about physics recently and we were discussing why people can remember the past and present, but not the future...kind of blew my mind :)

xo Alison

p.s. love that last photo!

la ninja said...

aha. the theory of relativity strikes again. beats me too, pet :)

oooh, central-northern europe's red brick buildings against pebble-blue (that's what i call them) skies are just unbeatable, aren't they? gorgeous.

jenna said...

it's hard to say. sometimes months go by and i have no idea how it is they flew past. and then there are the long winter months, when i sit and wait it out. time is always what we make of it though, and i always try my best to make it good and fill it with laughter, friends, and family. :)

Marion said...

Amazing view YES !!!

l i s e said...

love the (after rain ?) light on the third photo