Sunday, 21 March 2010

comment te dire adieu

it's time to say good-bye to winter. and no kleenex needed for that, thank you very much. he's certainly had his moments - with the most beautiful snow, glorious light and happiness. but it's been a miserable drag recently. he's not exactly making a gracious exit at the moment, i have to say. today is officially the first day of spring, and neither is winter buggering off, nor is spring making much of an appearance. there must be some serious motivational problem. anyhoo, we are ready. go away winter, hurry up spring!

on this note... (ah, that video is not great quality, but so much fun. i've just been watching it tons of times. the studio set-up, the rather minimal expression, both on francoise hardy's part as well as in the audience. a rather jolly crowd. but hey, it's a sad song. plus, don't you think francoise looks a bit like a very young charlotte rampling? which makes me think i really want to re-watch a francois ozon film soon, preferably sous le sable. enough associations. have a good sunday.)

p.s.: photos are showing the cherry trees at the end of my street. pictures taken today at lunchtime. and they are colour shots, not black and white. what a glorious day, no? still, they will be flowering eventually. watch this space.


Cabrizette said...

Oh, Kristina... i'm a great fan of Françoise Hardy !!! Thanks for that video ; ) Have a nice sunday. Spring is coming... soon !!

Temps perdu said...

Aaaaah, Francoise Hardy!

Aron said...

I like those cherry trees. I have a feeling we will be seeing them in a different context soon! :)

Elisabelle said...

Same weather in Paris ;(
Still we are on our way to the Park!

Ida Nielsen said...

Wow, what a gloomy day!!

Marion said...

Françoise ! Love, love, love !

ibb said...

Grey day, sunny thoughts!
Spring is here.

la ninja said...

ha ha, on a free-association-of-ideas-roll, you were.

we had a gloooorious first day of spring (and it was high time too) so walked, cycled, went to the Hermitage, had lunch in the sun, sitting on a pie (pic of silly duck coming up) and then, it froze a bit tonight... again?

vid love.

Ulrika said...

love these gray pictures.