Friday, 19 March 2010

inside le corbusier

you remember me saying i took photos at le corbusier's unité d'habitation (or corbusier house) in berlin and didn't know if any of them would come out because i used the wrong shutter speed? well, i got lucky. i used expired film and it was a tad dark (grey skies, again), so the colours are a bit flat, but you know that's how i like them anyway.

so here is the first round, taken inside the lobby of the building. sadly, the building is not open for visitors, the lobby is the only place you can access freely. there is a bit of a photo documentation of the building there, which is rather nice. if however you want to see one of the apartments, you can do so once a year (!) at the day of the open monument in september (the next one being september 12, 2010).

obviously, you can also look at the building from the outside. more about that in my next post.


Marion said...

Ah ! I am so happy ! They are great !
It's pretty different from what you can find here in Marseille. Here you can visit an appartment once a week I guess by booking.
And there is also the sea !!
But the rooftop is still closed, should be finished at the end of next month.
Cannot wait.

Have a lovely week end !!!

kristina - no penny for them said...

ah marion! so glad you're the first to comment on this post! :)

thanks so much, i was so relieved the pictures turned out at all. i bet it's so much different in marseille. hope to be able to see it one day - maybe you and cabrizette (blogging also from marseille) and elisabelle, if she's in marseille then, could meet up there for an apéro?!

Temps perdu said...

Fantastic photos.
I love all the angels, the colours. Well done!
I also like le Corbusier. Became a bit of a fan when I saw an extensive exhebition of his work in London, I believe it was 1986(?!!).

beatrice De said...

ouah, impressionnant, I did'nt know this bit of Le Corbusier.
Do you know, Le Corbusier was Swuiss !
Un petit coucou from Lausanne in Switzerland.