Monday, 15 March 2010

new week

thanks for all your well wishing - i did sleep rather a lot and started refreshed into the new week. on saturday, boyfriend and i drove across town to the grunewald district to see le corbusier's unité for berlin and to have coffee at café k on the grounds of the kolbe museum. i so love the old buildings at the museum.

when we got home, i realised that i had used the wrong shutter speed for my corbusier roll of film. such a shame. i hope the lab can rescue at least some of the pictures. we'll have to see. if not, i'll just have to go again...

there is lots of work waiting, so i better get back to it. have a good week!


Marion said...

Ahhhhhh !
Cannot wait to see the pictures of l'unité OF COURSE !!!
Good to know you do feel better.

Mandy said...

Love the second photo!!! So nice to see your photographs again.

la ninja said...

oh, that tree. the light that pic captures just killed me.

(don't let them kidnap you again at work, though.)

Chiara.u said...

hi Kristina! love your pictures... as always. sorry for the disappearance... had a lot of things on my mind! now I hope to have time for my friends again!

Modernboom said...

Just want to walk into that window shot and stay a bit... Very nice!

alexandria said...

These are lovely...especially that tree!