Friday, 7 August 2009

digital love

i love my analogue vintage praktica camera. so much, in fact, that i recently thought i might have fallen completely out of love with my tiny digital camera. which is sad, since i owe it so much - mostly, a different way of seeing, and being such a patient teacher to me. looking through some pictures that i took with my digital in venice, i realise that there are still things i love very much about it and that i don't know yet how to achieve them with my analogue camera. that soft blurriness, that really is a side-effect of it being slow and not very good with low light, which lends those photos a slightly unworldly, poetic quality. and so i think i'm falling in love again. maybe it's like with our closest friends - we love them because they are so different. because of the many facets and because there is no such thing as perfection in one place, ever.

the first images taken inside the dutch pavilion. shadow and light and people moving within the installation spaces by fiona tan. then a shot taken at the arsenale, bird seed chandeliers by pae white and the feet of my friend jo. and finally a shot of an art work by valerio berruti in the italian pavilion at the arsenale, titled 'la figlia di isacco'. one of the works i saw in venice that moved me most. a little girl sitting on a chair, constantly moving around like children do - an animated film made from very simple and just plain magic drawings. even though the quality of the video i found is not great, PLEASE take a look. you won't be sorry. and here's a slide show of the 'making of', featured on berruti's website.


Ulrika said...

It's good to be in love :)
Like your picture number 3 very much.

Happy Friday to you

epe said...

great great pictures!
have a funny weekend!

l i s e said...

These are wonderfull shots.