Tuesday, 25 August 2009


it seems i missed quite a few new posts on my favourite blogs over the past couple of weeks and i apologise for stopping by so rarely. that's not to do with lack of interest, but it turns out i'm having problems with both my blogger reader and my google reader. both only seem to pick up on a random selection of the blogs i'm following or subscribing to. i have no idea why - maybe it's a clash of these two readers or the following/subscription system? if you have any thoughts on this, do let me know, i'd really like to solve this problem.


julochka said...

i haven't had blog reader problems (i use google reader), i've just had time issues! not enough time to read all of the great posts. i'm slowly catching up. i guess we just have to take advantage of the summer weather while it's here and catch up when the rain drives us indoors again. :-)

kristina * said...

you may be right... i guess i have to get the hang of using google reader properly and wait for bad weather. -- oh no, wait, i take that back!

p.s.: it's mostly using the 'next' button that's so unreliable. shame, i quite like using it.

Anonymous said...
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