Tuesday, 18 August 2009

back from the sea

back in berlin, three rolls of film are sitting on my kitchen table, waiting to be processed. you'll be the first to see them... it was a wonderful weekend, full of sunshine and good times with friends. and quite a few random insights:

- open fires in a summer garden are hard to beat
- apple jelly doesn't taste great when you accidentally pour too much water into the pot
- speedos aren't a good idea on virtually anyone. trunks, please
- you need patient friends when you can't pick apples without taking pictures every two seconds
- it's very tempting to steal vintage towels of which there are plenty to be seen on usedom beaches (i didn't, don't worry)
- happiness = a beach basket (strandkorb) for a day = 6 euros

hoping you'll be ok with a couple of lemons on my coffee table for the time being, since those three film rolls are still sitting on my kitchen table...


Francesca said...

I'm ok with that beautiful lemon shot, and I'm with you on the speedos issue! Hope you get to develop your rolls soon.

trinsch said...

welcome back! and what a beautiful photo. i love the color tones and the light. you are a really talented photographer!

kristina said...

I love this photo! love it!