Sunday, 17 May 2009


the sun's shining, very tempting indeed. BUT before i can go out for a coffee today, i'll have to make some important lists (so i can sleep better at night) and do some serious work. so much to do...  - sometimes i think i'm a time-fritterer. where, oh where does it go? into the big black hole? i want to keep it but that's pointless, isn't it? maybe just savour it more and enjoy every little drop of it.

having that cup of coffee and reading some magazines should be a good enough incentive to get cracking. i'm off...

p.s.: here are some very sweet wedding photos by n.y.-based photographer jennifer causey. also see her work at simply photo and simply breakfast. i'm a very big fan. enjoy!


B said...

Oh, yes, where does the time go? If you find out, let me know! Enjoy your coffee when you finish your lists.

jane said...

i´m also a big fan. have a great day!

isabelle said...

thanks for the link, Jennifer's photos are great !!