Sunday, 24 May 2009

oh architecture

there are so many beautiful buildings to be admired. often i look at them and am really grateful for those architects who thought them up and the many people who helped realising their plans. one of my favourite buildings in berlin is haus der kulturen der welt (house of world cultures), a real midcentury-modern gem. there's a post about it over on my other blog, mostly berlin.

today was very sunny and i started my day with some coffee and raisin toast for breakfast, then cycled over to the museum, where i was helping out in the book shop this weekend. loved it. but ouch, my feet are hurting.

the pictures were taken some time ago at the house of world cultures. sadly, one of the hinges of those much-loved vintage sunglasses has since broken and i'll have to find out if it can be fixed.

anyway, time to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket now. have a good start to your week! 


jane said...

stunning images!:)

Cabrizette said...

Architecte est le plus beau métier du monde ; ) Paroles d'architecte ! Maybe you should change your shoes even if they looks nice ?! Have a good week.

MODsquad said...

Mid-Modern design is our absolute favorite! Our home hails from that era! I'll go take a look! Love these photos... as usual!

Kristina * said...

@ jane: thank you... :)

@ cabrizette: you are so lucky to be an architect! i was thinking about going back to uni to do an architecture course some years ago, but i think it may be a bit late now... i'm doing the next best thing: i'm translating books on architecture... :)

@ lisa: thank you... wow, you live in a house from that era - i'm so jealous!

Kaylovesvintage said...

my dear , you got two very cool blogs and I really want to go to Berlin now

B said...

I love those sunglasses! I hope you can fix them. Beautiful photos, as always!

Anonymous said...

Wow that first picture is verrrrry nice!! Have a great week!

april said...

Ich liebe rote Schuhe! Liebe Kristina. Dein Blog und deine Bilder inspirieren mich sehr, und machen mir Lust auf Kunst, auf Ausstellungen, auf Gebäude, aufs Hinsehen. Danke dir. Liebe Grüsse *