Tuesday, 5 May 2009

cycling to sacrow

i promised to post some pictures about last week-end. still have to get my film developed, but i'll just start with some photos i took with my little digital camera.

what blissful weather we had on saturday! we met at the s-bahn and took the train to wannsee, heading straight for the ferry pier. and we were lucky, we got onto the boat (not everyone did, the boat's not too big and on week-ends everyone seems to fancy a little tour over the lakes ... just like us ...). in kladow, we left the ferry and cycled to sacrow, where an old church lies tucked away in a park, overlooking the water. so peaceful, we could have stayed much longer, but the kids were desperate to go swimming. we finally had our picnic (and the boys their fair share of swimming and splashing about) at sacrow lake - the little beach wasn't that easy to find, we had to cycle through the forest for a good 30 minutes, but definitely worth it! the highlight of the day-trip: the boys found a budgie on the playground when we got off the ferry at wannsee. what a drama! we managed to safely get him - promptly called 'paulchen' - back to a friend's house in a little box. he fell asleep in his new cage on the perch, leaning onto the milletspike. i'm glad to report he's well :)


april said...

tönt nach einem superschönen wochenende liebe kristina..und sehen fast ein wenig nach süden aus die fotos ;-) liebe grüsse*

B said...

Fun weekend! Looking forward to more photos!