Tuesday, 19 May 2009

the old garden

around this time last year we went to usedom, an island in the baltic sea and stayed in a friend's house. there and then, i fell in love with the old garden and the shed. this is how i would like my allotment to look if i'll ever get round to having one. the house itself it refurbished with all mod cons, but i love the charm of the old, unchanged bits. they quietly tell their stories. a shame though that places like these are ever harder to find these days.


Anonymous said...

Oohww....I'm in love as well!! Your pictures are beautiful. XXX, Carmie.

jane said...

it does look dreamy...:)

outi said...

looks very interesting place.. nice photos.

Kristina said...

the patina on those walls is lovely!

trinsch said...

oh, it looks absolutely adorable. i love everything in these amazing photos!