Monday, 4 May 2009

one of those days

feeling a bit glum today. had a call this afternoon from a friend who has been made redundant, along with her colleagues, many of whom i'm also friends with. i've been through this myself some years ago and have since been fortunate enough to build a network as a freelancer. believe me, i'm vey grateful for that. so all's well for me, really. but all of this brings back memories that aren't exactly great and i'm feeling for them.

when all the recession talk gets to me, i tell myself what can happen anyway? i can always move to the country, have some chicken, a couple of goats, a garden. learn to make cheese. you know... don't you sometimes have days like these?

anyway, what made me smile yesterday, was an artwork by markus sixay i saw at the gallery weekend, entitled 'i am prepared for you, 150 kg confetti, coloured' (2003) - conceptual art that's totally not out of touch. the children who were there with their parents were having the time of their lives!

p.s.: what made me smile just now: these cheeky totes by jaime beattie, found via bloesem.


MODsquad said...

I think this could perk up ANY day!! These photos and concept seem like a dream!! Love it!

Totally dig those bags!!

jane said...

We all do sweetie- you´ll feel better in the morning:)

B said...

I totally get those days when I fantasize on leaving everything behind and move to the countryside, more specifically to the very small village where my mum grew. I'm not sure how long I could stay there though...

Kristina said...

thank you everybody! feeling better already :)

malo said...

I often have that fantasy - about moving to the countryside - grow,create, have animals. I am so sorry for your friends and all others in the same situation.

I really love the photos! The brightest side of life.