Tuesday, 19 May 2009

corner view // coffee // berlin, germany

i used to hate coffee. only started drinking it out of sheer politeness when i was at uni and had a cleaning job where i was offered very strong filter coffee every single time i was working (which was several times a week) and couldn't think of a clever, unoffensive way of saying 'no'. so it kind of happened. somewhere along the way it really grew on me. 

it may have also helped that i have that one specific, very lovely coffee-related memory of my father making my mother a cup of coffee every morning - plus one for himself -, taking it to her to have in bed. he'd sit by her bedside and they'd talk before the day started. and their days were usually quite busy (have i mentioned i have five brothers and sisters?). the routine has changed since, but they still have their coffee together. 

then however, i had years where my job nearly ate me up and i had too much coffee trying to deal with that. lately, i have cut down my caffeine intake to nearly zero for health reasons but i still like to have it as a treat. i'll go to one of my favourite cafés, grab a magazine and order my coffee. i took my pictures doing just that. hmmm.

now, as to jane's questions: 

how do you say "two coffees with milk" in your corner?
"zwei milchkaffee bitte"

what are the most popular ways to drink coffee?
in germany, i reckon most people drink filter coffee, with milk and sugar. most people have filter coffee machines at home as well as in the office. more often than not it sits on the hot plate far too long and tastes hideous. cafés and restaurants tend to serve italian-style coffee

how do you take your coffee?
milk, no sugar
my favourite is espresso macchiato

french press, percolator, espresso, or other?
i'm the proud owner of a stove-top espresso maker, french press and not-so-proud owner of a standard filter coffee maker

are you a dunker?

what was the funniest topic of conversation over a recent cup of coffee?
comparing waistlines after dinner. not exactly uplifting, but causing quite a lot of giggling...

see how other people drink their coffee around the world here:


isabelle said...

so may be I have a chance to like the coffee one day !!!

april said...

Ich mag das Kaffee-Ritual deiner Eltern. So liebenswert. Und du hast fünf Geschwister? Wunderbar...6 Kinder, echt? Wir waren 4. Und jetzt habe ich 4. Bingo :-) Wünsche dir einen schönen Kaffeetag in Berlin*

outi said...

such a nice story about your parents and coffee, i liked it a lot.
and cafés in Berlin...ooh, i could spend one week just in them..

B said...

I LOVE your first photo! Magazines and coffee are one of my favourites thing too!
Such a lovely story about your parents! So glad they are still having coffee together!

Cabrizette said...

Beautiful love story, about your parents ! Have a nice day. I love the first photo magasine with coffee : )

Allison said...

Like beer, coffee is really an acquired taste... one of which I have not acquired as of yet. But I do thoroughly enjoy watching my coffee loving husband enjoying his. It's unfortunate because I love the smell, the wonderful cups coffee comes in, and the whole concept behind the relaxing and often social atmosphere centered around coffee.

What a special memory of your parents. It is great that they took this time for themselves and I imagine that they really made some incredible moments to remember in their short daily ritual.

Samantha S said...

I like how the coffee brings out a lot of memories for you, especially of your parents. Thanks for sharing.

Francesca said...

Even if just once in a while, a coffe at a cafe, while reading a magazine is a real treat. Your parents also knew how to find the time to treat themselves daily and together!

jane said...

great post kristina! your shots are lovely. comparing waistlines after dinner... been there... :) besos!

Kaylovesvintage said...

that sounds wonderful, coffee and a good mag

skymring said...

so nice to come here and hear true colors!!!! :)
and yes, the story about your parents is so so sweet.

Joyce said...

I too didn't care for coffee, but forced myself into this bad habit. Now I enjoy it. lol...

la lune dans le ciel said...

je vais dormir, merci pour ton commentaire ...cette chanson est belle surtout dans cette version !
De très belles images !:)

Jeannette said...

Wie immer...eine besondere Note in deine Post.
Da waren deine Eltern ganz klug um sich auf so ein liebevoller Art Zeit für sich zu nehmen. Ich kann es for mich sehen wie in eine Film. ;)
Liebe Grüsse, Jeannette

MODsquad said...

Oh, fantastic photos!! Lovely story about your parents! Very sweet!

Happy Day!


Kari said...

oh that cup os coffee looks great.
Wonderful pictures and love the story.

state of bliss said...

Beautiful photos and lovely post. My partner also makes me coffee every morning and brings it to bed- I wonder if our daughter will remember that when she's older? ;)
Thank you for sharing. Inspiring blog :)
Have a great day,

l i s e said...

lovely photos as usual

malo said...

Oh how i loved to read your post. What a nice thing to sit together on the bedside and start a busy day. Great pictures also.

Ritva said...

great post, thanks!
i enjoyed it!

trinsch said...

nice post. loved the little tale from your childhood. such a sweet memory :) beautiful photos too!