Saturday 26 January 2013

morning I

morning I morning I


confessions before breakfast may be hard to stomach,
but here goes:
i love slide.

that being said,
a 100 ISO is a tricky beast in winter.
darkness makes you look closer though,
doesn't it?

p.s.: at sgaminegg.


Marion said...

Oh your slides, my dear, are the best. ( With those of Mary also, don't want to get in troubles with my friends, huh... )

Sylee said...

Oh, what are you reading?

A virtual trip to Sgaminegg always brightens a winter afternoon.

alexandria said...

The darkness bring a depth that is rich and quite beautiful. Wonderful!

kristina said...

the light in these is quite spectacular!

Pascale said...

Slides are good !-)
But do you have a lab to develop them in Berlin ?

Unknown said...

That dark is different!
Yeah! has something warm...

Astrid said...

100 iso can indeed be tricky during winter, but it can capture winter light so beautifully. Like here.

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

I love the darkness, and am always drawn to dark photos.... which might be because most of mine are really bright. Trying to teach myself to find the beauty in the shadows.