Sunday 2 December 2012



been a long time
new work
new pastures
new balance
only the beginning
but looking good

time to light candles
soon the height
of the long nights and
the short days and
the wheel will turn
once more

(image showing: dan flavin at hamburger bahnhof, museum of contemporary art, berlin)

p.s.: asako iwama, a berlin-based artist and friend is co-organising a pop-art café
on 8 december 2012, at the 'TWS - who we are? who you are?' event in tokyo,
addressing the 3/11 (fukushima) catastrophe and its aftermath.
check out the event's facebook page, and please spread the word!


la ninja said...

hear hear.
hello you: )

Pascale said...

Belle photo .
Kristina is back !!!

kristina said...

sounds hopeful!

Marion said...

Welcome back and you know I love this shot, don't you ?

Sylee said...

So happy to have you back!

isabelle said...

Beautiful: the words ans the photo.
Always nice to find you here.

Unknown said...

Wellcome back.
Miss your words.
Happy to hear everything is going ok, begining...great word.

jana said...

wie schön von dir zu hören. frohen dezember!

Mary said...

You've done Dan Flavin proud with this shot :)

alexandria said...

This is a wonderful photograph. So so good to see you here again. Happy December, my friend!

Anonymous said...

lovely shot, so good to have you back!

Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

Weil es so schön ist bei dir, stelle ich deinen Blog heute in meinem Adventskalender vor. Ich hoffe, du freust dich!

MANDY said...

Oh Hello you .... I keep checking in to see how you are going ... all sounds interesting Kristina XXX

Jeane M. said...

Brilliant! Another great idea for my room renovation. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

Amy said...

I just love that photo - and I think it's appropriate for January, too...x