Monday, 3 September 2012

urban walk (II)

urban walk (II) urban walk (II)

we went to see the glorious anthony mccall light sculptures at hamburger bahnhof (museum of contemporary art), and took lots of pictures. sadly, i wasn't allowed to use my tripod, and when i went to pick up the roll from the lab, i found that none of the light images had come out. well, that was a bit of a downer.

anyway, there still are a handful of images on the roll. these are two of the survivors. taken at the barn, where we fortified ourselves with cake and some pop. the writing on marion's new bag - "dit is mir jacke wie hose" - is berlin speak for "all the same to me" or "i don't mind", literally "like jacket like trousers to me." you wonder how they cooked up that saying.

have a good start to your week (or enjoy the labor day weekend, if you're lucky enough)!


Sylee said...

Where did Marion get that exquisite bag? You ladies certainly know how to pack in the fun!

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi sylee, the bag is from the walther koenig shop at hamburger bahnhof, but it was the last one when we were there. not sure whether they've restocked, but it might be worth checking with them! :)

xmaryfux said...

uh! there's nothing better than fritz-kola! <3

Unknown said...

Ahh, we too recently saw a wonderful McCall light sculpture in Toulouse. I had a woefully heavy old camera with me and failed to get any successful pictures. My daughter got a great one with her Praktica. Sigh.
What did you think? I found it completely entrancing. Being contained within the light and then stepping outside of it was such a strange experience…as if there were solid walls, and yet it's just light and gas. It was an incredible sensation.

kristina - no penny for them said...

i think entranced is the perfect word for it. i was totally caught up, there was an almost tangible quietness to the place, some kind of reverence. i could have stayed for hours.