Saturday, 15 September 2012

a blue night

a blue night a blue night a blue night

it was a blue night - the opening of abc (art berlin contemporary), taking place under the umbrella of berlin art week this year. taking the bronica with me, but no tripod, and a film with quite a pronounced grain, this is what i got. plus some unintentional light leaks, which means - pretty as they are - i'll have to take the camera back to the repair place. hey-ho!

in any case, i'm much enjoying the art week so far! off to some more art shows, an art book fair, and a party tonight. at long last a weekend that's not dominated by work. have a good weekend yourselves!

bottom image: art work by isabelle le minh, presented by galerie christophe gaillard, paris.


Unknown said...

Love the blue atmosphere.
I don´t go to art shows or so for ages...sometimes find noone to go with, and feel lazy to go alone.

MANDY said...

I love the blue too ...
I would go with you to every art show if I lived closer, I love them !!!

makers9 said...

The second to last image is beautiful!
I once had a digital camera which, through no fault of its own, became broken. The result was that the lens was permanently detached from the body. Somehow it still focused, but additionally it created a wonderful halo of softness around each subject .

Anonymous said...

I like feet and legs in photos