Friday, 31 August 2012

corbusier (II)

corbusier (II)

that day, marion and i first went to teufelsberg, then stopped and paid our respect to monsieur le corbusier. i think, if i'm not mistaken, we had five or six cameras between us: marion the rolleiflex, her LC-A, and my praktica (this was the day after georgette went on strike on karl-marx-allee); i had my nikkormat, a disposable, and possibly the zenit, which i can't recall for sure. i believe though, these were taken with the zenit. in any case, this is the slide roll, and it worked its crystally magic.


Marion said...

Yes yes yo had the zenit. I want to go back there with my pentax now :)

Marion said...

Yes I remember now, you finished the zenit quite early and shooted the rest of the place with the nikkomat :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

your memory is much better because you are much younger, of course... ;) and you are right, i think i finished the slide roll in the zenit and then continued with the colour negative in the nikkormat. sorted!