Saturday, 18 February 2012

winter walk (III)

winter walk (III)
winter walk (III)
winter walk (III)

there is a wooden tower near my parents' house, to watch the birds of the nature reserve. my parents moved to the north sea when my dad retired.

on an another note: i recently noticed that the blogger word verification has become ridiculously difficult to decipher, perhaps in order to rule out people like myself, who are clearly not clever enough for it. since i've found that it frustrates me and keeps my from commenting, i have decided to switch it off on my own blog. took me a while to figure out that you can only disable it via the old blogger interface. ok then, enough techie talk.

have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

Sky was wooden-gray. It's pleasant to see it fade into that bird-watching structure.

penelope said...

i miss the verification word at least half the time!

◊ f.sokoll said...

I like your blog. Linked you at mine under "I follow": chasingskinnyrabbits.blogspot.com
And until watching your last post, I recognized one more time: "I miss the sea so much. I have to move to the sea!".

Unknown said...

Oh I agree with the word verification comment. It has gotten ridiculously hard! On another note, beautiful use of negative space in these pictures.

Sammi said...

I never associate Germany with the sea at all. It looks so beautiful I adore things like that x