Friday, 11 November 2011

end of the season

garden 2011
garden 2011
garden 2011
garden 2011
garden 2011

only a few days left, then the season of the garden is over. the communal field will be closed and the patches will be ploughed up. we will go one last time and harvest what we can. we will probably have some leeks, some more swiss chard, winter lettuce, onions. perhaps some more cabbage. i will miss the garden, but now it has gotten colder, i probably wouldn't cycle out. goodbye garden, it has been a good season!

what's your favourite vegetable or dish of the season?

(these photos were taken five weeks ago.)


ronnielle said...

oh wow, growing a vegtable garden must be dreamy. and yummy, too :)

my favorite vegetable is a carrot.
i eat it raw, usually.
probably been a bunny in my former life, lol.

Anonymous said...

see you soon, garden!

oh, i love pumpkin ^^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Such images make me wish to have my own little veggie patch, into which I could go whenever I want to, to cut some chive for some fresh slices of sourdough bread ...

PS Lass es mich wissen, wegen dem Frankie, das macht mir nichts aus :)

MANDY said...

My Veggies are just starting to grow (Summer is almost here for us) ... I have been eating the most yummy beetroot leaves, spinach and kale, I eat it with roasted tomatoes and eggs on sourdough bread ... my favorite brunch !!!
Have a lovely weekend Kristina XXX

Arianne said...

I love backlog posts. It's fun to relive a memory while typing up commentary a few weeks (or months, in my case) later. Craving rhubarb right now!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

jane said...

What a lovely garden you had!
Warm hugs!

jana said...

Wow, schönes Gemüse und tolles Fahrrad. i love your photos from the garden. Ich stelle es mir schön vor, so die Saison zu beenden, mit der letzten Ernte nach Hause zu fahren, und dann den Winter kommen zu lassen...der Garten lässt einen richtig die Jahreszeiten spüren oder?

Mary said...

it must feel so satisfying to have had a season of your garden.
like arianne im craving rhubarb also :)

la ninja said...

oooow. I just picked my last, first, one and only cucumber the other day too... :)

very interested in minigarden for my balcony, though. watch this ninja space ;)


Valerie said...

Every year I resolve to grow vegetables on my balcony, and every year I let the seasons pass and end up having to console myself with a few perennial herbs that are kind enough to survive the NY winters. But next year, surely, next year...

Impossible to choose a favorite vegetable, though today I am partial to celeriac.

Have a lovely week.

Marisa said...

Great pics!:)

Kristina said...

I am so in love with the communal garden idea! Will check directly if there is something like this in my new home of Melbourne!!