Friday, 17 June 2011

just quickly

riga, whirlwind

i'm über-busy but fine. could do with a bit more sleep and a bit less pressure. but life is good.

the cat's always busy too, as you can see (and if she isn't busy playing or watching the street from the window sill, she's busy sleeping. as you do. - these pictures were taken with my praktica ages ago.)

oh, and i'm looking for recipes for preserving fruit and vegetables, for chutneys etc. i've already found some contenders for a fig and balsamic chutney and a rhubarb chutney, but i'm grateful for any tips, book recommendations and links.

happy weekend everyone!


alessandra said...

These photos made me smile, oh she's a cute little sweetie! About preserving have a look at this site:

Fig and balsamic chutney sounds exquisite!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I thought these pickled cherries w/ five spice blend looked nice. http://pinterest.com/pin/36882959/

jane said...

happy weekend k! sorry no recipes. happy preserving!

la ninja said...

hey riga...

MANDY said...

Love these shots Kristina ... fig and balsamic chutney, Yummy !!!

Unknown said...

Kit reminds me of one of those gymnasts with the ribbon…..clever kitty!

Please do share the fig/balsamic chutney, I can't think of anything better to go with my beloved brie, yum!!

julochka said...

the chutney in the river cottage preserves book is great! gluttony chutney! I think it's called. it uses up all those courgettes and apples. and it's very adaptable.
I love your cat's ribbon gymnastics.