Saturday, 12 February 2011



first of all: thanks for bearing with me, i only just got round to drawing a winner of my giveaway for a 20 x 30 cm print. to make up for the wait, i have decided to draw two winners. they are: elisabelle and astrid. drop me an email (see right) with your choice from my blog or flickr. thanks for playing, for reading and commenting!

yesterday, i was invited to a friend's house. there was much laughter, a lot of home-made pizza and cake and some intense dinosaur-book-reading with a pretty cool four-year old guy. what somehow just came back to me, is that one of us said in the course of the evening: 'we always want what we don't have'. is that true?


fen and ned said...

For me I'd say yes to that question!
Well done Isabelle and Astrid!
Lovely images Kristina x

Marion said...

Yep, but we try to have what we don't have !!!!!

Ralph said...

But that is what makes us strive for the better don't you think?

MANDY said...

Oh for sure !!!

Astrid said...

Oh! Yay! What fun news. I will take a look and email you soon.

Wanda said...

ohh wow wonderful blog with fantastic photos :)


isabelle said...

first of all: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy:)))))))
I'll email you tomorrow!!!!

And about what your friend said: I think this is a recipe for an unhappiness and bitterness.
All the happy things in my life are the ones I did not expect. Number one: I did not want to be a mother. Giving birth and seeing growing my child is, no doubt about it, the most wonderful, fulfilling and happy part of my life.
I had, at one point to give away my dreams, but never had a single regret about it.
This is a long and intimate comment.

PS: It is going to be so difficult to choose between your photos. I love so many of them!!!

alexandria said...

I can't get over how great your black and white photos are...so great.

Unknown said...

It is true...we always want what we don´t have..it is easier to wish than to thank for what we have or are.

Lisa-Marie said...

Lovely photos!

I think it's partly true - I love and wouldn't change a lot of what I have in life, but of course you aspire to and covet things you don't have.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

I can recognize a Salix...
Still love the atmosphere produced by your images
(black and white or colour, it doesn't matter).

molly said...

your first photo in this post reminds me of the 9th in mine, but in a different season. ;)

molly said...

here's the link - might be helpful, hahal... :)

malo said...

I love the first photo. Those dry left leaves. Perfect.
And no, I don't think that's true. I think it's possible to be satisfied and grateful. But it takes hard work. Does that sound pretentious?