Friday, 26 February 2010

las vegas piggy bank

what is it with dreams? i have long since believed them to be the biggest driving force in our lives (apart from curiosity and dissatisfaction). while the latter two are not to be underestimated, i think dreams are just the most beautiful motivator to tackle things that otherwise might seem far too daunting. sometimes we can't say when a dream was born and where it came from. but there it is. sitting on the windowsill, blinking a little, maybe sniffling its nose and waiting quietly and patiently for us to acknowledge it. and no matter how small, it is a powerful thing, make no mistake. so go along with it. don't say good-bye to it when the going gets tough. be true. you owe it to yourself to believe in it. do your best, put your thinking cap on, follow up on random ideas that might get you closer to your dream. there will be friends to walk with you. and when it takes shape, this dream, it will not only be a blessing to you, but also to those around you.

thanks again for all your encouragement, for your comments and emails. last week has been truly mad, so i'm behind with getting back to your messages, but i will.

p.s.: go on, spot the vegas piggy bank. photo taken last weekend on arkonaplatz fleamarket. (and no, vegas is not my dream - thought you had caught me out there, didn't you...)


la ninja said...

no, no, I didn't think that for a sec. I totally got it. you spotted that piggy bank and I can virtually hear all that went through your mind.

I love this sort of thing. the wife of the owner of a stall selling greasy sausages, gerkins and squidgy rolls (and fags), dreaming of the "glitter and glamour" of vegas.

I know exactly what you mean, fabulous... a whole short story could be written with just that one glimpse of the piggy. yes, dreams. :)

Mandy said...

What a beautiful post, you write as well as you photograph, hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for your comment on my blog. XXX

kristina said...

so beautifully written, kristina. I love the idea of the dream on the windowsill, sniffling its nose :-)
hope you're having a good weekend, and I wish that you're dreams come true!

kristina said...

that shoud beyour dreams, not you're. :-)

alexandria said...

good good thoughts on dreams...I like to daydream as well.

Unknown said...

I wish I could follow them now, I feel a bit lost. Just need a time to discover which one were those I loved to follow. There is a great mixture of feelings over here. But love your words. Will keep on mind, just for when I feel better.

Theresa said...

I think our dreams are our own internal wisdom steering us in the right direction. That is if we can understand how to interpret all of the images. I actually once took a dream class with a Jungian doctor. Fascinating.