Saturday, 18 July 2009


a little break from the holiday series. still a little tired. and wanting to share these shots - don't you think that beds are really attractive things? on peonies we all agree anyway, i guess. the flower shots were on one of the holiday rolls that i started before leaving for venice.  i'll pester you with more photos from my trip soon. after all, i haven't even started on the france pictures yet. let me know if you can't bear it.

this was a good week. 

lots of things waiting for me after the holiday, so there was quite a bit to do, but it was just fine. still feeling very mellow and relaxed. admittedly, the sunshine and summery weather helped. a lot. went shopping for red wine and rosé from provence at small local wine shops, and for southern-france-style food on the farmer's market to keep that holiday feeling for a little longer. cooked a holiday-memorial rataouille yesterday, which tasted full of sunshine.

a highlight of this week was definitely meeting kristina, my swedish namesake, and her husband at the prater. they were on holiday in berlin and it was fabulous to sit in the sun, talk and have a good laugh. comparing cameras as well. and my, does she have a cool nikon digital SLR. and a really funky compact analog camera which helps you focussing by showing the people you want to photograph with either two or three eyes (kristina told me to go for two eyes, much better). we were so busy chatting that i forgot to take a photo of us, how silly. well, they said they were planning on coming back to berlin, so there should be my chance then! (some of you may know: i initially met kristina via julochka's and blog camp - i'm glad i did!)

now i'd better get ready. working at the bookshop again this weekend. but oh, what to wear?! see, the air-conditioning doesn't really work there, so it tends to be rather tropical in the shop. which i can dress for (don't get any ideas, i'm not going in my bikini). but: we had a big storm yesterday and temperatures dropped from 30°C to 19°C. and it's raining. i guess i'll have to opt for the layer thing then. bundling up for the bike ride and then flash my summer dress and silver tropéziennes when there. have a good weekend.


julochka said...

i hope kristina convinced you to come to blog camp 2.0 in september. ;-)

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

This is such a lovely written post. And yes, there is something about bed-photos...love them!!
Have a wonderful weekend in the tropical shop ;-)

jane said...

it´s cold here also- crazy weather! your shots are stunning! happy weekend!

lea said...

i have been asking myself the same question - about beds looking attractive on photos or not...in this photo YES, the texture and blue tones make it very lovely and as you say the peonies we can all agree on : ) great shots!

Polly said...

beds are great, and great photo of one too...

you made me think I should get a weekend job at a bookshop. I love bookshops and I could do with a little extra money...

kristina said...

meeting you was also a highlight of my week last week - my husband and I agreed that the day we spent in Prenzlauer Berg was the best on our trip :-)

I also forgot to take a photo of you, but I got a good shot of your camera ;-)


julochka said...

two things--i finally went for the big pictures, as you saw (thanks for the link--i used that and then another one i stumbled across when i got a little stuck working with picasa). and 2, there will always be a spot for you a BC2.0. :-)

kristina - no penny for them said...

dear all, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments!

julochka: she did mention it... ;-) and i'm working on making it work - fingers crossed!

ida: thank you - i had a great two days at the shop!

jane: thanks! hope the weather got better in your corner - looks like it on your rioja shots!

lea: glad you like the photos! and you are right - beds don't always look attractive in photos, pretty much like humans, i guess ;-)

polly: sigh* i know what you mean. i wonder where it all goes... if you get the chance, i really recommend working at a bookshop. very tempting though, to spend the extra income there and then...

kristina: aww. i had such a good time, too! - looking forward to that shot of my camera! :-)