Friday, 22 July 2011

slow down, you are moving too fast

reading matter
the day we dropped out of time

i wish. the next four weeks will be anything but slow. but then: a two-week break. this weekend, my niece is coming to stay. that's a little break, and i couldn't look forward to it anymore than i do.

(how are you doing? holidays, staycation? and would you have any reading recommendations for me? i'd like to find something that really draws me in.)

p.s.: when it's really quiet around here, i'm often still managing to pin something here.)


elisabelle said...

i can't wait for my vacations in two weeks. we will be heading to the alps.
i have a lot of work but not much energy left...

la ninja said...
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la ninja said...

just been to barcelona for 5 days and came back with a stinking cold (+ coldsore.) I knew it could happen. adrenaline down... enters summer cold :)
oh well. better now than later. I am off on proper hols in 10 days. yay.

on the reading bit. I've just been recommended "alleen maar nette mensen" (which I'm sure it's been translated into german) and "one day" by nicholls. I'm planning on getting both this week.

Lisa-Marie said...

I have just had my summer holidays time, which I used to go to two festivals. :)

I'm reading 'A Visit from the Goon Squad' by Jennifer Egan and 'The Shadow of the Wind' By Carlos Ruiz Zafon'. Both draw you in, both very different, both excellent so far.

cara said...

enjoy your time with your niece! this weekend i went to a gender swap party and dressed my male friends as drag queens. back to uni tomorrow after a six week break, sigh.

b. said...

oh, enjoy your time and relax. i hope you will see and experience many beautiful things and moments.
i took my work and moved to the little house in the mountains to have both at the same time:)

and i love your pins. :*

Jessica said...

I'm currently reading Michael Pollan's 'The Botany of Desire'. I think it will surely draw you in. x

charlotte said...

yes, shadow of the wind is a great read. also, i'm loving gabrielle hamilton's 'blood bones and butter' right now, i can hardly put it down :) i've got 'shantaram' by gregory david roberts lined up to take on holiday along with some wallander books and the catcher in the rye because amazingly i've never read it!

malo said...

Wonderful news, your vacation. I am a big reader and am always looking for new reads. Lately I have enjoyed:

Malla Nun: A Beautiful Place to Die (Truly amazing work, set in 1950's South Africa, a crime novel with so much dept)
Kate Milford: The Boneshaker (Reading about it I didn't think I would like it but it was mesmerizing)
And have you read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen? It's fantastic. I would put it high up on list of my best reads ever. Happy book hunting!

USNBP. said...

I love the grain on this one!! last pic is really nice! ( don't comment enough, but i really like your blog and your pics!)