Saturday, 16 July 2011

green hummus

making green hummus
making green hummus
making green hummus
making green hummus

coming home from the garden with greens i've never prepared or eaten before is something that happened quite often since early june.

nigel slater's green 'hummus' was one of the things i tried, it took its time but was the happiest green ever and tasted fantastic.

get those broad beans out of their pods
give them a quick rinse
boil them with a little salt (10 mins for big ones, smaller ones perhaps as little as 3-4 mins)
drain into a colander, briefly rinse with cold water
if they're very thick-skinned, slide the skin off
put into food processor with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs
(i used basil and fresh mint)
process, add more olive oil, lemon juice or seasoning until you have the consistency/taste you like

eat with flat bread or similar


p.s.: i was given some lovely delphiniums by my 3-year-old friend s yesterday. aren't i lucky?!


elisabelle said...

I have to try!!!

máni said...

mmmmhhh...this sounds and looks delicious!!!

Sylee said...

Now it's my turn to smile. She can't stop talking about you -- she was "calling" you on the phone this morning! x

cara said...

looks so good, maybe i'll give it a go!

Schnickschnack said...

this green hummus looks amazing ..we just made the usual one..it is soo good...I would love to have the chance to get such fresh produce...

suzie said...

mm, broad beans are one of the few things I dislike……maybe because of being forced to eat them as a child? But this looks and sounds wonderful, so perhaps I should try!

jana said...

mmmh really worth a try. i made chickpea hummus with beet the other day. really good too, and very pink.
schönen sonntag!

Sammi said...

that sounds delicious, i think i will try it with my broad beans that i have left over :) thank you for sharing kristina

Maria said...

yum! thanks for sharing :)

malo said...

Oh, I must try this! Nigel Slater, I've thought of buying a book or two by him for a long time. Do you recommend anyone in particular? For a veggie?

la ninja said...

oh! :)

will post pics of growing stuff on the balcony soon. everything's blooming (well, three things but I'm well chuffed.)

julochka said...

love the grainy photos. and my garden is full of broad beans. i'm making this tomorrow. i also have the nigel slater. it's divine.

Suzanne said...

yum, sounds delish!