Thursday, 14 July 2011

garden & something else


these days, when i find time to go to the garden, a long row of sunflowers is greeting me. i'm not usually a fan of that particular flower - so big, so bright, so not subtle - but here it makes perfect sense. it's beautiful. i also love the patches of mixed wild flowers. i think they can happily stand up to all the vegetable bounty. not to be eaten, not to be used in any way, just there to make us smile.

oh, and i must not forget to ask you:

anyone interested in staying in berlin for a week in august? friends of mine are renting out their rather beautiful, split-level apartment in the middle of prenzlauer berg. the apartment is free from august 4 to august 10 (wed-wed). if you prefer, you could also arrive as early as tuesday, 3 aug and get a day for free, so to speak.

if you're interested, please email me (twinklestar at gmx dot net) for more info. the sooner the better!

i might also know of a place in berlin later in august, so please do get in touch if you're interested.

oh, and a very happy 14 juillet to all my friends in france!


barb. said...

oh, i know this feeling about sunflowers, they are sometimes too big to be flowers... ;)

lovely pictures

Marion said...

You know that I would love to take K&P's flat but you know why I cannot. ;-)

Marvellous garden.

kristina - no penny for them said...

marion: it's not their apartment, it's another one close by, bigger and with a small roof terrace. but i know you've got better plans... ;)

ibb said...

It would be a great plan...but can decide now...
Berlin is in the list...but cannot say anything..
Love sunflower photos...

jana said...

ok, third comment of the day. diese dämmerungsfotos sind toll.

kitchu said...

such beautiful photos! i wish i could come to berlin, but it is not for me i am afraid, we are hoping to make it to china next year :)

la ninja said...


I defo need to go back to berlin in less ungodly weather. I'll spread the word, though.

Sammi said...

please let me know about later in august, i may be able to get a few days away from work to come back and visit berlin :)

also, sunflowers are so happy whats not to be liked :))) maybe i am just biased because they are my second favourite flower, after gerberas

malo said...

Oh, I love sunflowers. It's not the most aesthetic flower, I agree, but there is something so happy and vibrant about them. When we got married 12 years ago i had small Italian sunflowers in my bouquet and in my hair.