Sunday, 31 July 2011

cloudy mornings give way to clear evenings


i know it can't be always so, but i like the thought. we've had our fair share of clouds here recently.

what brightens up a grey day

meeting s and s in a café for tea and a croissant
drawing all kinds of things in a little book
having a little helper when taking out and putting in a roll of film
waiting for the roll to be processed after s pressed 'the button' (twice!)

my plans for the upcoming weeks before the holiday

loads of work, and to ease the pain
sewing a skirt or two
making more jam
having coffee other places than home
go with the flow

p.s.: thanks ever so much for your reading recommendations! and - totally unrelated: i went to apply for an allotment yesterday in the pouring rain, only to learn that they don't even take down names on the waiting list until next year. so disappointed. i might have to look at other options.

photo credit:
second and third image by my little friend s. (3) - i really can't take any credit for these beautiful frames.


Marion said...

I like these pictures so much. The holidays will come soon dear !

jana said...

good lists of things. "go with the flow" sounds especially nice. ich habe auch lust auf mehr marmelade...warte auf die feigen!

cara said...

super sweet photos! grey days can always be cheered up with jam and bread, especially home made jam. i could go some now!

Anonymous said...

big like ♥

mc said...

beautiful photos