Wednesday, 25 May 2011

very expired film

richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle
richard long: berlin circle

a while ago, marion sent me a roll of expired kodak TMAX 100 pro as a little surprise. i was excited and curious, as i had never before used expired film. what would happen? less contrast than with fresh film? defects in the emulsion, scratches? i knew i had to take it somewhere special, so the next time i went to hamburger bahnhof (museum of contemporary art), i took some pictures of the richard long exhibition, berlin circle. his work is full of stillness and beauty. the big circular mural is painted by hand with mud from the river avon. i could look at it for hours, so much texture.

thank you, marion!

p.s.: when i looked through the roll, i found that the close-ups are mostly pretty decent in focus, while the ones showing the bigger picture seem blurry. any idea why that might be? (or is it just my eyes going funny? this is all manual focus, after all.)


Marion said...

I had no idea you took these with the roll I sent. Plus I love the Hamburger Bahnhof you know that & Richard Long too. Ah. So coolness in these !

cara said...

These photos turned out great, they really look like they're from another era.

Pascale said...

Wouah , looks good in b&w... This exhibition is terrific, i am glad i saw it !-))
Yours pics are very good.

Elisabelle said...

i love the vintage look of these!!!

Mary said...

these are superb.
no idea why the focus is liek this but it's a really nice effect.
what a great space!

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Dark conditions for 100 ISO, focus at +∞, and no profondeur de champs (diaphragme : 2 or 1,8 maybe :4) that could be some of the reasons ...
But anyway, I like the images and Richard Long too !

Anonymous said...

tolle bilder! ich hab übrigens auch die bilder vom give-away erhalten, dankeschön! sie sind beide wirklich sehr nett!

inna karenina said...

love the look of these!

julochka said...

i'm not sure the being expired made a difference, unless it's in the softness. they're wonderful and atmospheric! :-)

l i s e said...

i love Richard Long and i like very much your photos

Kristina said...

tolle bilder!! die ausstellung sieht super aus!

P R I M O E Z A said...

they're beautiful!

elias said...

love them!