Sunday, 8 May 2011


"die kunst ist super"

overheard in the museum:

-- (woman walking past on heels) "you've seen those shoes there? they are really expensive. when they've got red soles, they are really expensive." -- "oh, like 100 euros?"

-- "excuse me, sir? which is the way to the cats?" -- "just past the stones and up the stairs." -- "thank you."
(which really means: where is the cory arcangel video of the piano playing cats? past beuys' the end of the 20th century.)

have a random and happy week!


kristina said...

a random week sounds good :-)
random yesterday in lund: a 10k run going straight through the town center meant I had to leave my car in town, since I couldn't drive home without crossing the race. I'm glad the bus takes a different route!
have a good week, kristina!

jana said...

haha!! happy week to you too.
i love that türkis :)

schorlemädchen said...

:) hope you your ears and eyes got to see sufjan:)

MANDY said...

Thats funny, you really hear some great things when you listen don't you !!!
Love the green in this photograph.

la ninja said...

ha ha, such a "cats and stones" conversation can only be had in contemporary museums ;)

Pascale said...

i like this pic... and now I see perfectly the way to the cats !-))

carlotta cosials said...

love the pics and the blog!
followin :)

likeschocolate said...

Funny that this wall is my first memory of Germany. Getting off the boat in Germany and taking the train in Hamburg.

alexandria said...

I love that green tile.

outi said...

hihi, i like these kind of random things. i often write down some conversations which i have heard, randomly.
have a good start for the week Kristina!