Monday, 30 May 2011


garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011
garden // may 2011

what's been happening recently:

gathered sticks by the wayside to support the peas, soy and tomatoes
harvested plenty of spinach, rocket, radishes and swiss chard
saw the mizuna peeking out of the ground
ate apple cake in the garden, before watering the plants
got lots of mosquito bites
planted some dahlias and other flowers
got some self-made pesto, which katja made from our very own rocket crop
traded it for some self-made strawberry jam (store-bought fruits, i'm afraid)

p.s.: if this looks as if i've got an impressive green thumb, i'm afraid i'll have to disillusion you. the deal with this garden project is that the farmer pre-plants the majority of the plants. when we first came, many of them already had a decent size, they were pre-grown in glasshouses and put out as seedlings, or bigger. also, the ground is amazingly fertile and we had a beautiful mix of sun and rain last month. so basically, i'm just standing by, watch proudly, carry the watering cans, tie up some plants and talk nicely to them. oh, and we planted some seeds, that's true. for anything else, i couldn't take any credit.


kitchu said...

that is one very impressive garden. i live in awe of anyone who has the energy and time to harvest their own vegetables and fruits. i'm in a sort of suburbia hell right now and it wouldn't fly here.

Sewon said...

I love your garden so much! It's definitely one of my dreams to have a big garden in my backyard. One day!

suzie said...

I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am…..hours of back breaking digging, raking and sowing and not a drop of rain means about 5 plants germinated. I still keep sowing seeds in the hope something will burst into life!

Tana said...

that reminds me of my parent`s little garden :)

bicocacolors said...

such beautiful garden!!!

Jessica said...

Everything just looks so, so happy. x

julochka said...

i think it's fabulous and you know, you don't have to admit any of that stuff, just soak in the praise. and eat the bounty.

ours is way behind yours, but i hope it won't be long. all we're eating from the garden so far is salad, herbs and rhubarb. soon, strawberries, especially if the sun shines all weekend as they've promised.

kristina said...

this looks beautiful - love all the green! I think it sounds great with a somewhat preplanted garden :-)

shipbuilding said...

Never underestimate the importance of talking nicely to your plants : )

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

That looks so so amazing !

la ninja said...

oh. I "was" very impressed indeed.
nah, still am :)