Friday, 27 May 2011

eurovision song contest

esc party
esc party
esc party
esc party
esc party
esc party

we had so much fun at the party my friends threw for the eurovision song contest this year (some bad, bad music, lots of laughter!). we had a little barbecue on the terrace, sparkling wine and some pimm's. general jolliness and silliness. haven't had that much fun in a long time!

what kind of things do you like to organise with your friends? (in general, totally eurovision unrelated, that is...)


danica said...

one day i hope to actually be in europe for eurovision so that i can attend a gathering like this. wonderful photos, kristina!

Amy said...

So glad you enjoyed it - and I love the photos - can't wait to see you again.

julochka said...

love that cup! and the pimm's and lemme tell you, one must be drinking when one watches that.

who did you vote for?

me, i voted for moldova.

famapa said...

that 1st pic is hilarious!

Tana said...

oh, what a funny picture the 1st one :) and it`s a pleasure to watch eurovision in a good company

cara said...

haha looks like you had a lot of fun. my friends and i like to go rollerblading, camping, drink wine. perhaps all three at once. but right now we're all studying for exams and final projects. blah!

Sewon said...

It looks like such a good time! I love organizing dinner parties with friends.

MANDY said...

Dinner, drinks and laughter with friends, what could be better ......
I really want some of those cups !!!