Saturday, 11 April 2009


hello again. yesterday started off really quiet, with breakfast and some reading and my beloved scrap book that i got in december. it has 365 empty pages to fill, each one numbered, with no additional dates or text. what a great idea to keep it that simple. i tend to put in newspaper or magazine cut-outs, tickets etc., jot down notes or ideas. it's already bulging and it's only april... oh, i got it from magazine shop do you read me?! in berlin mitte, specialising in glossy magazines.

my reading at the moment is german writer christa wolf's 'ein tag im jahr' (a day in the year) for which she has chronicled her 27th september from 1960 up to 2000. i like the fact how much history is reflected in the everyday. also been flicking through a biography of gisèle freund by bettina de cosnac. 

at lunchtime i joined a friend to help her spring-clean her kitchen. and we meant business, emptying all cabinets and drawers, cleaning everything inside out, even behind the fridge and oven. ouch, i'm still aching. today, we're going to paint and put up the new wallpaper. easter sunday is going to be very calm and relaxing though (that's the idea at least)!

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