Sunday, 26 April 2009

fleamarket finds

been to the fleamarket on arkonaplatz today. it's warm and sunny, everybody seems to be out. now the clouds are drawing in, wouldn't be surprised if we had a proper thunderstorm tonight.

here are my finds of today: a very pale pink dress, which i'm not sure i'm brave enough to actually wear, and a little purse. and some old photographs that may or may not inspire me to write a story.

more about the fleamarket over on mostly berlin.

hope you are having a good week-end yourselves.


Jenna said...

hey kristina! what a lovely dress! I really like it. And your photos are very beautiful too. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you around again. :)

Schanett said...

dank dir für deinen besuch in unserer imaginary band!
hab mich auch gefreut über das schöne du pré foto! zufällig auf worldwidegoogle gefunden...

schönen blog hast du!

ganz besonders mag ich deinen satz im profil:
In love with those small moments and the everyday.

für mich gilt dasselbe! ;-)

Kristina said...

jenna: thank you! the weather's sunny and warm here in berlin, so maybe i will dare to wear the new dress soon...

schanett: dankeschön vielmals :)
ich schaue gern wieder bei euch vorbei!