Saturday, 25 April 2009


spring is in the air and i remembered this vintage book i had sitting on my shelves somewhere. when i finally found it i was so delighted with it - a shame these days so few publishers work with two-colour line illustrations, it just works so well.

sadly, i have to admit my personal fitness regime has so far been limited to lifting the book and turning the pages...

p.s.: the book is from 1973, a special edition issued by one of the oldest german women's magazines, 'brigitte'. long out of print but available on abebooks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tini,

with respect to your personal fitness regime: "Schwingen Sie beim Gehen kräftig mit den Armen." That will do.

Fine pictures. Enjoy your blog!


Marie-Eve said...

You got great blogs (I just come from Mostly Berlin)! I feel I'll find great things looking around here... like this book, So funny and cute!