Thursday, 23 April 2009


do you ever have mornings when you put off getting ready, but what you're really putting off is the decision what to put on? so pathetic, i know. but it kind of makes sense today, since sadly it's gotten much colder. as i don't want to spend the next few days in bed due to an untimely spring cold or flu, i'll have to do some thinking. - i guess i'll settle for my hungarian blouse with jeans and boots. one of my favourite pieces ever. as you might have gathered, i'm not big at making swift decisions, but funnily, this changes when i'm buying vintage things. on fleamarkets, in charity shops - it's love at first sight or not, hit or miss, take it or leave it. you just can't ruminate on it and come back a week later. that does me some good. maybe i should treat more decisions in life like a fleamarket scenario - take it or leave it, hit or miss ... you get the picture.

oh, and something different altogether: i'm going to try this apple cake from orangette.

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