Tuesday, 20 September 2011

a very good day

france 2011
france 2011
france 2011
france 2011

one sunny day i drove to avignon to see the cy twombly show at the collection lambert and to meet mary. what a perfect day it was. i so enjoyed the exhibition, i think we needed something like three or four hours to see it, because we stopped everywhere, getting lost in some conversation. i remember we wondered how very different sol lewitt's work and his personal space at home were - would you have guessed a master of conceptual, highly cerebral art would have a study full of memorabilia and an amazing moodboard, and would take serial pictures of his crockery? and we did have such a good time looking at lartigue's stereoscopic photographs. what a cheek he was.

cy twombly's photographs were quite wonderful. i loved the early black and white images he took of the shared studio space with rauschenberg in new york, but his later polaroids were quietly poetic, altogether of a different kind.

very kindly, mary gave me a roll of kodak elite chrome, on which these frames were taken. and she introduced me to fondant au chocolat, which we had in the courtyard, after having successfully missed lunch service due to our chatting away. it was a revelation. thanks mary!

(the graphics on the wall are by douglas gordon. marion went as well, on another day.)


MANDY said...

Sounds wonderful, I would have loved to have seen that, I adored Cy Twombly.

Mary said...

it was a very good day!

i'm still smiling at the lartigue stereoscopic images :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

oh, i'd love to see that exhibit.

black-eyed angel said...

I think I make take a detour on my trip to Marseille next week to see this!