Wednesday, 28 September 2011


france 2011
france 2011

two favourites from france - unrelated. one taken in avignon, the other one on the terrace in st. rémy.

yesterday i had a funny day, where nothing worked out as planned. as if the wiring of that day was somehow wrong. today, i'm feeling a little under the weather: a stiff neck, pressure on my ears, light-headed. hope it's passing.

p.s.: feeling much better today, thanks for your kind words!


Sylee said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear it! You'll have to let us take you out for ice cream -- S has been clamoring to see you.

Mackapär Ulrika said...

So do I. Lovely photos though.
xo Ulrika

elisabelle said...

love these 2 together!

jana said...

hope tomorrow's better dear kristina! (my back got better after 5 loong days. yoga does actually help, and patience, the more difficult part...)

Sammi said...

I hope you feel better... those days happen to me a lot, usually in the winter, I always think it's because I'm somewhere I'm not mean to be...

Teresa said...

These two photos remind me of completely random pics I take as well. I love capturing those tiny moments we take for granted.


asphalt and air said...

such a lovely pairing!
unrelated but so well suited for one another.
both photos have a very nice mood.