Friday, 23 September 2011

tapas with marion

tapas with marion
tapas with marion

i would never have found that small spanish restaurant without marion. safely tucked away in a side street, the front looked unassuming, and there were no customers in the first room. it was the tiny courtyard where everybody sat. it was hot, music was blaring from the kitchen, the dishes were marked on a board as long as my arm and my leg together. and my, were they good. (see those wine glasses. i want some.)

so here's to the lady, whose birthday it is today - happy, happy, marion!


la ninja said...

basque style glasses. I love them too (they've gotten pretty fashionable in the rest of spain (and europe, I see ;) lately)


p.s. I'm hungry now.

jana said...

wenn ich es irgendwann nach berlin schaffen sollte (!!!) bringe ich dir gerne welche mit :)

la ninja said...

and speaking of gorgeous glasses...


Marion said...


Ida Thue said...

'Louisiana supreme hot sauce' at a Spanish restaurant-> love it :-)

kristina - no penny for them said...

la ninja: thank you, great links!

jana: oh, das wäre schön, dich mal in berlin zu treffen! und falls ich mal nach barcelona kommen sollte, zeigst du mir, wo ich solche gläser bekomme, und wir gehen kaffee trinken, ja?

P R I M O E Z A said...

that sounds like my kind of place :)

pierre said...

WHAT A "GRAIN" !!!!!!