Friday, 16 September 2011


france 2011
france 2011
france 2011
france 2011

i'd like to say thank you for all your feedback. not only does it make me happy to hear from you, it is also so very helpful. i always tend to think that everybody else knows exactly what they are doing, that everybody else has a clear, distinct style, found their way, while i'm finding it often excruciating to be all over the place. rather like circling an unknown point-of-having-arrived, and constantly being somewhere along the wide periphery of that circle. since i feel i'm so far from that certain point, the circumference is great and the individual spots i'm checking in from lie wide apart. it seems so random.

still, on that journey, i'm learning a lot, and you often keep me going. so thank you.

this morning, i have some lines from the corbusier house in marseille for you.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome!

la ninja said...

those are the tangents to your circle, k. cherish them.

and yeah, I'm pretty much all over the place and random most of the time. I also tend to think other people are much more sorted and together than I am. however... bleh. who is, ei?

I'm glad to read you too. thank you.

Chukin said...

I really like the shades&high contrast!
however, the composition of the first and the last picture gives me a very uneasy feeling.
the 2nd and 3rd pics look 'cut' to me. maybe it's just the building.
however, i still really like this blog!
i'd really wanna see how you'd do shooting people.

Ida Thue said...

I love the lines in these and the black & white and the grain and the contrast... seems like I can keep going here. In short: beautiful pictures, Kristina!

studio nord said...

I like very much this photos series

the line sheet said...

so beautiful! i love your work and blog!